Since 1983, a lot has changed. A seed has now grown into a massive Tree with all the efforts, hard work, determination, honesty, love, and care.

Mr. B.S. Rawat, the founder and chairman of the "Rawat Educational Group," planted this seed in 1983 when he founded Rawat Bal Vidya Niketan with 50 students and 5 teachers. Now, we can state with great pride that we are a family of 12,000 students, as well as more than 1,000 instructors and other staff members spread over Rajasthan and setting the standard for education.

The organization is driven by the Board of Directors, whose chairman is Mr. B.S. Rawat, and their vision, judgement, and great interest. This group's enormous success is entirely attributable to its diligent members.

The names of Mr. B.S. Rawat, Mr. Hemendra Rawat, and Mr. Narendra Rawat are those that have risen to prominence in the field of education.

Our Group is currently thriving, and its several branches include: